Software Tools for Remote Team Management

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The corporate world is now witnessing a sudden shift to a virtual work environment because it minimizes the cost of office maintenance which includes, rent, utility bills, and stationery etc. Moreover, the employees don’t have to commute for hours every day, thus saving their energy. In addition to this, it cuts down the carbon emissions caused by all the to and fro travel.  But all of this requires effective tools for communication and coordination of employees dispersed around the world. But thanks to the tech geniuses, who developed these Saas applications which made remote team management effortless. 


Slack is one of the commonly used softwares for communication within a team. The managers can create group chats called channels where the entire team can coordinate with each other. Slack allows integration with other apps such as google suite and office 365 to make file sharing easy. 

Most importantly, all the information is encrypted thus retaining the security and integrity of your confidential information. Some other features include, video or voice calls, one-to one chats, saving the entire history of the project, and freedom from endless email chains.

Vantage Circle

The most important aspect of leadership is to keep your employees motivated by making them feel seen and appreciated. Vantage circle understood the impact of recognizing someone’s effort, on their quality of work.

 This cloud based software creates a reward based  and cost effective environment for employee engagement and recognition. You can now show gratitude to your team with just a click using this software. Your workforce can avail discounts and exclusive rewards on food, e-commerce, wellness, and health etc. 


MockPlus is a Saas application that connects both designers and product developers on a single platform. It connects the entire workflow from designers to developers and stakeholders for real-time collaboration. They can peer review designs and brainstorm ideas together.

 The designers can upload wireframes and designs directly from the photoshop, adobe illustrator, and Sketch along with specs and code snippets to the developers. Then the developers can work on the design while keeping the entire team in loop. Moreover, it has a design library which allows designers to reuse their previous designs and interchange among each other.


The biggest challenge of virtual office is to schedule a meeting based on everyone’s availability. The chain of back and forth emailing with every member of the team can be aggravating for a team manager.

Luckily, calendly is here to save the day, as it will automatically schedule the meeting based on everyone’s availability and preferences. All you have to do is to connect your google or outlook calendar to this software and then relax while it does its magic.

With calendly, there is no chance of a meeting overlapping as it always leaves some buffer time before and after a meeting. Lastly, in case you forget a meeting, the minimum schedule notice will send you a reminder alert beforehand.

Every Time Zone

The biggest advantage of remote jobs is that you can hire talent anywhere around the world. Your team building is no longer bound to a zip code giving you countless options. But there is a downside to having a team dispersed around the globe. Everyone is living in different zones and translating your local time to their zones can be really taxing. That is why with zone converter softwares like  Every TIme Zone  you can easily calculate the difference between any two zones. 

Virtual office started as a precautionary measure to stop the spread of coronavirus but due to the availability of these tools, is turning into the future of the workplace. It is both economically and environmentally a sustainable option which allows the employees to work at the comfort of their homes or anywhere in the world.

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