Saas product ideas to launch in 2021

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In 2020, thanks to the pandemic, the general interest in launching softwares as business has increased. The massive success of zoom has played a good role in spiking this interest. Saas companies provide remote working tools to organizations and individuals that help businesses survive and adjust to the new reality.

If you have ever thought about launching a Software as a service (saas) business this is the right time to do so. The core benefits for cloud based businesses include:

1.Greater agility in business

2. Better scalability

3.Location independence

Let’s take a look at some of the start up ideas below:

1.Telehealth care

Telehealth care thrives on the noble mission of allowing healthcare professionals to consult their patients across the world through digital means. Various tools such as remote consulting, video conferencing, mobile health makes it convenient for both parties.

Telehealth has apps such as teladoc, MDlive and psychological help like better help has worked with millions even before the pandemic. 

2.Team communication

With the outbreak of Covid-19 around the globe, team communication and collaboration tools have become lucrative to the success of small businesses. This niche in Saas has specifically taken the world by a storm. One example includes the rise of Zoom to a billion dollar company. Different tools that improve project management such as asana and trello are also hitting it quite big. These apps are offering private spaces for a professional network lifting the pressure off off whats app.

3.Video Rendering and Editing

Video content increases traffic on your social media as well as websites by as much as 157%. Taking this fact into account, businesses need it to boost their online presence. However, the problem is that video editing is a very resource demanding computer process. For aspiring editors it might seem a cumbersome task to render professional videos using software. To cope with this Veed and kapwing are saas platforms for streamlining and editing visual content on the go. 

4.Content planning

Content planning and strategy is thoughtful and time consuming activity, organizations need specific tools to streamline and simplify the process. Content planning platforms provide support in planning, creating, producing and analyzing content. With specific tools, the process of content research, distribution and optimization becomes much easier.

Coschedule, Hootsuite are saas based platforms that allows companies to plan, organize and track their content effectively as opposed to excel sheets or google sheets.

5.Appointment Management

Running any business requires scheduling a lot of meetings. Luckily, in these times specific appointment management softwares can optimize and make this task quite easy. For example, with such softwares, appointments scheduling and calendar management for both the client and the company becomes very smooth and in real time. Calendly is one such example of a saas platform used by over 1 million people around the globe. 


Finally, let’s discuss saas accounting softwares for your start up idea. These platforms deal with recording, financial reporting and processing of data regarding the transactions of a person or a company. Other tasks that accounting softwares include is inventory management, payroll systems, financial reporting and analytics. Daxko is one such saas based software which helps its client organize and track their financial data efficiently

These are some of the most interesting start up ideas for saas based platforms in 2021. We hope these ideas inspire you to finally launch a thriving and successful saas startup. Let us know if you are already working on something in the software as a service industry.

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