How do Useful SaaS Tools Benefit Students?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we operate in everyday lives, and especially with how we learn and interact with the world. While many found it tedious and challenging to switch to home-based, online education, it has become a norm for teachers and students alike to use SaaS software and its many benefits can simply not be ignored.

From pre-school to higher education, SaaS tools have revamped learning by providing facilities that aid in video and audio sharing and recording, aiding in marking and tallying, task management, and keeping track of upcoming assignments for students and teachers.

Additionally, SaaS tools for education have also made it easier to monitor plagiarism and other academic malpractices. SaaS software has made learning convenient, exciting, and a lot easier to manage.

The Aid of Google Application in Education

Google applications have been at the forefront of online education systems. From using google sheets for record-keeping, mathematical purposes, to google docs for submitting online assignments, receiving real-time feedback, and checking grammar, these SaaS applications have created ease for students and teachers above all else.

Simple tools such as Gmail or Google Drive can be used to share information, make folders, arrange, and manage content. Teachers can easily send evaluations and feedback using comment bubbles on Google docs, while also noting the date and time of assignment submission.

Google Calendar is another essential SaaS tool that helps improve organization and planning. Students and faculty can set reminders for meetings, upcoming exams, quizzes, or submission dates.

More importantly, these applications offer multi-user platforms for real-time collaboration, teamwork, group presentations, etc., for students. When conducting group research, students can make questionnaires using Google forms and circulate them online. Google Forms also extracts important graphs and illustrations for citation purposes.

Since all Google applications are connected to the cloud, students and teachers never have to worry about losing their information as it is saved every few seconds and remains in the drive until users wish to permanently delete it.

Digitized College Applications and Online Portals

SaaS tools have made it possible for students to easily upload important documents and e-transcripts on their university profiles when making college applications. This facility allows students to make their own university accounts and log in whenever they want.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of digitized college applications is that it allows students to edit and re-edit their applications before sending them in. They can also enter their teachers’ emails in the recommendations slot whereby an automated message will be sent to your instructors, asking for an e-copy of your recommendation.

Applications such as CamScanner or Microsoft Office Lens can help with scanning individual documents and converting them as PDF files, Word files, or images. You can then easily upload them on your university account as part of the admissions application.

Student portals are also a unique and handy SaaS tool that allows them to keep track of their grades, progress, evaluations, feedback, assignments, quizzes, and finances. They can upload their assignments, research papers, etc., on the university’s online portal where their professors can access the file and download it quickly and easily.

Not only does this significantly save time, but SaaS tools that digitize college applications and support university portals also make the whole process easier and user-friendly. Instead of printing and assembling each document separately, you can simply upload the file to your student account and wait for the instructor to access it.

Easier Communication and Management Process with Institutions

Universities and schools around the world have introduced AI-powered or real-time chatbots on their websites or question forums where ordinary or complex queries can easily be answered within a matter of seconds.

Unlike a common ‘FAQ’ page, these chatbots are far more sophisticated and have the necessary answers to even the most complex of queries from students and parents.

These online chatbots give students the opportunity to interact with the university management and resolve issues regarding fee payments, electives, on-campus employment opportunities, job prospects, etc.

In fact, many universities now also use online portal facilities to link their graduates and even current students with organizations in the area that offer entry-level positions. Students have the facility to make, edit, or simply upload their CVs, get in touch with all kinds of organizations, and build a solid network with alumni.

Helps Learning Anywhere, Anytime

The strict need for a particular schedule for teachers and students is no longer a need in the SaaS age where through cloud recordings and uploaded content, faculties and student bodies can access lectures, course materials, books, etc., from anywhere, at any time.

All you need is an internet connection, and you can join a Zoom Class or a session on Microsoft Teams through your phone. If you are unable to do so at that time, then you can access the recorded lectures later.

This is especially convenient for students with part-time jobs or teachers with other commitments who can have the option to record their lectures whenever free.

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