Everything You Need to Know About SaaS Growth Hacking

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Despite the industry you belong to, growing your business from a small-sized one to medium-sized business is a challenging task. As a Software as a Service, commonly known as SaaS company, you might have to face more challenges than usual. This is primarily because the SaaS industry is filled with competitions, fighting for the limited consumers who belong to B2C and B2B spaces. In short, the SaaS industry will continue to grow.

Now, the question which arises is how SaaS companies can work towards standing out in such a saturated market and work in cost-efficient ways to capture new consumers?

The answer is growth hacking. Growth hacking is not just one of those fancy buzzwords – it is a reliable business solution that empowers and captures SaaS companies to level up their games while having a limited budget.

Your next focus should be on how you can utilize growth hacking to grow your SaaS business. Here, we give you some creative ideas!

1.     Time to invest in content marketing 

There is no doubt about how successful content marketing has been for businesses belonging to different industries spread worldwide. And not to forget, content marketing is a cheap growth hacking tool as well.

When the produced content is SEO optimized, it will allow you to capitalize on your business based on organic reach and traffic. This means that the more content produced, the more you will be able to receive as your traffic. This is an excellent proposition for growth hackers because you will be able to gain new visitors. Additionally, high-quality content leads to more leads, which is three times more than what you get through paid advertising. Finally, content marketing allows you to stay one step ahead and distinctive from your competitor as well.

2.     Give free trials 

As a SaaS company, the next growth hacking technique you need to adopt is to offer a free version of what you are selling. The idea of giving a free version of the software may scare you – I mean, who wants the consumers to use the product without paying you, right? But multiple benefits will help you in seeing why this needs to be done.

Basically, free trials let your consumers become familiar with the product you are selling. This is done quickly, given that after a particular time, the free trial ends, and consumers have to pay up to get the full version. In the free trial process, consumers witness the experience of what’s it like using the tool they have heard so much about. It allows them to see whether the product is worth the purchase and what benefits they would get if they invest in it. A lot of times, the trial period reduces the sense of risks consumers have regarding the product. The trial period allows them to make the decision. It is a quick way to show the consumers why they need to invest their money in you.

3.     Time to build your online presence 

There are two significant marketing challenges you may encounter as a small SaaS company:

i.                Not getting noticed because the market is too saturated

ii.              Not being able to grow your domain authority which competes with bigger competitors 

Because of these two challenges, there is a high chance for you not to reach decent ranks on SERPs – search engine results pages. Having that said, we have the perfect growth hacking technique for you.

The quickest, effective way to kick-start your brand recognition in addition to growing your domain authority is to grow the presence you have in online directories. The popular SaaS organizations include GetApp, Capterra, G2 Crowd, and various more. One of the biggest benefits of this growth hacking technique is that online directories allow people to write the reviews themselves. This would allow you to be viewed as a trusted, professional business partner.

Growth hacking has been proved as one of the most popular techniques by businesses all over the world. Make sure you use it correctly for the growth of your brainchild. 

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