Best Saas products of 2021

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Trying to figure out your IT needs? Too many options and don’t know which one to go for ? Worry not, we have got you covered.

With the digitization of the world and the rise in remote teams, it’s necessary to have software as a service products for smooth execution of work. This is especially true for small and medium businesses as they have limited resources to spend on large IT infrastructures. The best part is you only pay a subscription and can stop using any day you feel like it has no use for the company now. Smb’s have seen the usability and cost benefits of Saas products in recent years. Any business looking to save money on IT including team communication, website, client coordination etc should look into Saas products. 

Here are some saas products to help you through the confusion if choosing one:


Trello is a project management software that helps you create boards, lists and organize your tasks as per your convenience. The boards you create can be shared with the entire team. This tool saves you the hassle of coordinating over Skype or whatsapp. Everyone can see your progress as long as your board is shared with them. You can always add comments and change deadlines etc. Key features would include the kanban style boards, syncing across devices & easy to use.

2.Elink is an all in one content creation tool. This tool not only helps you curate your content but also market it via just a link. You can create web pages, publish emails, newsletters etc. A collection of weblinks are converted into visuals within seconds. These weblinks can also be easily exported to gmail, MailChimp and other third party providers with HTML code. Key features would include beautiful prebuilt layouts. Quick and easy to use.


Hubapot is an inbound marketing and sales saas tool. Hubapot helps sales teams keep track of potential customers, run email campaigns, interact with clients and keep a track of your results via analytics. The email marketing automation offered by Hubspot helps you create content, smoothly integrate contact profiles and follow up with them. Run effective campaigns and resolve their queries on the saas tool. The key feature is that it covers all the aspects of a sales cycle, you won’t need anything else once to have Hubspot.


Slack is the most popular communication tool among business professionals. It helps you bring all team communication in one place and is quite organized. Previous conversations are not lost if you add a new person unlike whatsapp. You can create new groups called ” channels”. These channels take care of every need for communication. You can text, share files and lots more. It can integrate with up to 2000+ softwares. Slack is often referred to as the savior from long chain of emails. Key features include integration with many softwares, video and voice calls and easy to use.


If you have multiple social media accounts or work a a job that requires you to manage multiple of them, this is the number one tool for you. Buffer allows you to integrate multiple accounts to a single buffer account and publish your content on them. Key features would include scheduling posts, tracking content reach and other analytics and suggestions for strategies for your next post. 

If your business still hasn’t joined the saas bandwagon, you will be left behind, years behind from your competition. It’s never too late though. Now that you know about the best saas products, join the revolution and take your business to new heights of efficiency.

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