A Complete Guide To SAAS Products For Work From Home

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So, you have decided to shift to work from home as well. Amid the covid crisis showing compassion towards the safety of your employees is what empathetic leaders did around the world. Applauded. Not only is it a noble gesture but It takes massive amounts of trust in the ability of your employees to work from home.

The business person inside you knows that the comfort of working from home also needs a certain kind of discipline or everything goes astray. Knowing the enemy which in this case is covid-19 and sometimes our lack of planning and procrastination. Here is a list of products that will make working from home productive and easier.

Project Management and Team collaboration
Effective planning and organization of work save you a ton of time, energy, and stress if things go south. From defining objectives to scheduling and assigning tasks, the prime tools a project management software offers.
The tool is not only for scheduling and managing tasks. It optimizes your work by providing a complete overview of your goals and workflow.

One of the most popular among the business community. A cloud-based software that helps you manage your tasks even in different time zones and requires very little setup and learning time.

Tired of your work Whatsapp groups? Well, slack to the rescue. Not only does it offer communication but also file sharing and archiving managing all communication in one place. It can also be integrated to drive and several other tools.

Appointment Scheduling tools
If you run a business or work at a place where the clients need to book appointments. It’s easier to automate the process using any of the tools. Some appointment tools are
This tool is famous for its user-friendly interface and is trusted by millions worldwide. It helps you prioritize work and is great for individuals and teams alike

Acuity scheduling
If you are looking for a personal assistant in real-time. This should be your go-to tool. WIth flexible calendar coordination and real-time availability schedule, Acuity makes life easier

HR management tools
We have all heard the expression a company without proper HR is just as lost and sometimes unfair as a puppy, There are several tools but the most promising ones are the ones aligned with Hr techniques

Bamboo HR
The go-to tool for small and midsize businesses. This tool not only offers ann application tracking system but also manages every other aspect of the employee lifecycle

Keka HR
This tool is a blend of traditional and modern HR tools. It is not only famous for its HR feature but also has a built-in payroll tool. Automate all your tedious and basic HR and payroll work with Keka.

Accounting tools
Accounting is not very fascinating if you aren’t in love with the whole numbers game. For smaller businesses doing calculations and saving time is crucial. Thankfully these softwares have been used even before the pandemic hit us
From managing and accepting payments, to rolling out invoices and taking care of payroll. This software does it all. Its user friendly and liked for its simplicity

While Quickbooks was desktop-based, the specialty of Xero is that its a web-based accounting software. Xero manages finances in line with business rules and priorities and provides a seamless experience

Live Chat tools
67% of buyers leave before checking out, the prime reason is they want answers in real-time and if there is no one to chat to, they simply leave and buy from somewhere else. Having live chat tools can save a ton of time and money on the business’ behalf
Intercom live chat
This tool can be integrated into your website and notify the customer for live chat availability. Intercom offers a greater of not only acquiring and engaging but also retaining customers.

In conclusion the world is made easier with all these softwares for coordination and communication. Somethings are compromised but having these tools up your pocket will help you with effective work from home & productive teams.

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