5 Ways SaaS Products Have Improved Productivity for Small Businesses

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SaaS Software has revolutionized modern businesses as we know it by creating ease and increasing productivity. In a 2017 report by Gartner, it was claimed that public cloud services would increase by 18% and that SaaS would be the second largest portion of the global cloud services market. This solidified its position in the modern business realm, and it has continued to progressively grow in popularity.

Initially, SaaS was reserved for large scale corporations but over the years its human capital management and customer relationship management have grown considerably, making it a fundamental addition to new businesses.

The sheer advantages of SaaS products make it a necessary addition to any business. Small businesses can capitalize on its many features and even save precious capital when managing their routine tasks via SaaS software.

1. Improves Communication Between Employees

For any young business, collaboration and teamwork are crucial elements that improve work execution, productivity, and enhance communication. More and more organizations today lay focus on better connections and collaborations especially after the global Covid-19 pandemic where teams are required to work remotely.

Forbes states that 73% of businesses have planned to better their coordination and collaboration for improved productivity. Platforms such as Futuramo can significantly impact business communication by letting teams manage projects and tasks.

Futuramo allows employees to manage projects, tasks, and share progress, visual feedback, exchange suggestions and ideas, track project competition time, and report bugs. Employees can easily communicate in real-time even if they are in different locations or time zones.

Since the pandemic, hybrid and remote work have come to the forefront and with SaaS software, businesses can ensure that their teams and branches are connected via a variety of platforms that provide communications on the cloud and other virtual meeting platforms.

Video conferencing software such as Google Meet and Zoom have revolutionized the way we conduct business meetings and communicate with employees to delegate tasks, make presentations, and even conduct group work.

2. Accomplish more in less time with SaaS tools

SaaS products have enabled businesses to use their precious time economically and achieve more in less time. These handy applications automate most business processes which saves time when recordkeeping and making sales progresses.

When most tasks are controlled by SaaS tools, it gives small businesses more time and opportunities to focus on important things such as strategic development rather than wasting time on trivial problems.

Notable applications such as PeopleSoft Enterprises Services Automation suite can tackle daily issues, and serve other functions such as planning, staffing, project management and selection, and monitor the lifecycle of a pending project.

Similarly, BambooHR can assist HR managers of new businesses by helping them sort employee data on manual spreadsheets. Employees can log in to their accounts, assess their progress, and even apply for vacations or update their personal data.

Automating data using SaaS products can save time, energy, and resources and also increases task competition speed, achieving a lot more in limited time.

3. Helps Save Additional Costs

One of the greatest advantages of SaaS tools is that it greatly assists in cutting costs for small or new businesses. Through this, companies can outsource infrastructure to third parties that can manage it in cost effective ways.

SaaS software also allows companies to pay monthly or as per usage instead of purchasing lifetime license bundles. The small fee covers storage costs, databases, and other maintenance costs.

GoDaddy or HostGator are examples of platforms where you can host your websites on shared servers and pay according to usage. Amazon Web Services or Google Drive are also essential tools that offer a single solution for your data keeping needs.

Some software is completely free, so there is no need to fret if you find a tool that charges a hefty monthly fee. A little bit of research can go a long way, and can you always opt for software such as Google Analytics over Kissmetrics, that are completely free.

4. User-Friendly for All

Another excellent advantage of modern SaaS applications is that they are user-friendly. Not only do small or new businesses benefit from them, but existing organizations can switch to them without additional hassle or in-depth training.

From installation and setup, to running and keeping track of tasks, and even maintaining SaaS software is incredibly easy. With a friendly interface that can easily be learned, employees can easily switch to these automated means without stressing too much compared to learning traditional business software that requires multiple sessions of training.

Due to its incredibly easy-to-use interface, it has now become a necessity for businesses. The right SaaS tools can provide several advantages including saving time and money, especially for smaller businesses who may not have enough budgets to afford complex IT teams or infrastructure.

5. Requires Low Maintenance

Once your SaaS software is up and running, there is little needed to maintain the software, compared to updating and troubleshooting the company’s traditional IT infrastructure that is often riddled with bugs to slow it down.

From older systems, your organization would be required to spend a lot of money to ensure the smooth running and maintenance of the IT systems, as well as put up with the cost of backups, repairs, and ventilation for hardware.

SaaS software can enable companies to back up their crucial data automatically after regular set-intervals. With minimal downtimes, you can never have to worry about untimely updates. This is largely thanks to the third-party professional vendors that ensure that the software is updated and always running. They also take the responsibility of securing all sensitive databases and information on their systems.

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