5 Way To Increase Productivity In 2021

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The year 2020 was majorly drowned by the COVID, with unprecedented times of staying in quarantine, working from home, and losing all the productivity and energy eventually. A new year might be just a new date, but for many, it is a new beginning and has new plans for the future. Addressing that, the time of the new year is the perfect time to set goals and change your habits; focus on work and bring progress in your daily work life.

To help you out with that, we have compiled a list of 5 habits or ways to wake up your wizard of productivity that had been put to rest during COVID-19. The piece of content does not only change your work lifestyle but also helps you realize the areas you are lacking in bringing a hundred percent to the table. 

Get Adequate Sleep

A person ends his day by sleep, and it directly affects the start of the next day. To have a peaceful and active mind, you need to give those eyes and brain some rest. Not just some rest, but at least 7 hours of mandatory sleep. It has been proved by studies that mental exhaustion by sleep deprivation has severe impacts on your memory, logical reasoning, and ability to concentrate causing you to make errors more commonly. A well-rested mind improves your concentration and ability to make split-decisions. 

Get The Toughest Thing Done First

When you’ve got a lot on your plate, the best way to move forward is to get the meanest item on the plate done. In place of procrastinating about how hard and time overwhelming the task will be, just pick it up, and start. Keep at it until you’re done. Once you’re over with the toughest job, you will glide through the rest. Morning is the time of the day to get the toughest thing off the plate. Your mind and body are fresh and haven’t been bothered much by the scuffles of the day. So, it’s recommended to get it over with at the start of the day.

Rid The Distractions

Digital disruptions are real-time suckers. While scrolling through your Twitter or Facebook isn’t such a terrible thing, particularly when you’re on your break, but spending hours on them is productivity self-destruction 101. Let alone the time it eats up from your day. Set up a fixed time stamp for your casual scrolling. Frequently try doing better than your fixed timestamp, so you don’t get used to going overboard. While at work, turn off notifications for all email and social apps that might tempt you to unlock that phone and give it more of your precious minutes.


Even when we think that we are getting a lot covered by doing numerous things, at the same time, it’s quite the contrary. The functionality of our brain drastically reduces when we multitask. Experts say that your output decreases by 40% when you try to do multitasking. Instead of saving time by multi-tasking, we are eventually losing more time. It makes you more vulnerable to mental fatigue and borders your focus. To circumvent this, try prioritizing tasks and get them done one by one instead of doing them all simultaneously. 

Quick Breaks

Working long hours and driving yourself to mental exhaustion is not your safest bet to be productive. It might sound counter-initiative, but taking short breaks between your long stretches of work increases productivity, memory, and concentration. The brain needs rest between spells of work, or you’ll eventually lose interest in your specific task and will either abandon it or make a lot of mistakes. So, to maximize your work efficiency, you need to let your mind re-fuel and go at it again.

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