4 Habits to Raise Your Level of Productivity in Life

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There is a sense of accomplishment one feels when they have a productive day whether at home or at a job. Everybody on this earth has some specific goals to achieve in life and for that they need a special set of skills, motivation, and passion. Other than that, there are little changes one can make in his daily routine like time management, jotting down a to-do list, prioritizing the tasks, taking productive breaks, and a healthy mind that would help achieve the level of productivity one requires to achieve his goals. To do so, you may look up to some successful people the world has seen and from them, you can learn these four habits that help you raise your level of productivity in life. Let’s have a look.

Eat the Frog

Brian Tracy’s ‘Eat the Frog ” is derived from the famous quote of Mark Twain. The “frog” is the most challenging and difficult task on your to-do list. Eating the frog means that that a person must have the bone to start his day with the most difficult task or the one he will drag on for the whole day or maybe procrastinate till the end until its performance or end results are affected. The Frog is that challenging task on the daily agenda which, on accomplishment, helps you reach the levels of productivity and performance. And if you have more frogs to get done with, start with the ugliest frog first and then the others. It might seem difficult to start but with time, consistency, and determination, one disciplines himself to begin immediately and to hang in until the frog is eaten completely. 

Get Rid of Digital Distractions

An average person spends one-fourth part of his day on social media or other tech-related activities. Now if you want to have a productive day, creating tech boundaries is a must. And we totally agree that it’s difficult to do once you are overwhelmed by your dependency over it but it’s a big no-no and a hurdle in your otherwise productive day. Now, checking your twitter or facebook once or twice a day is not such a bad thing, but having a constant check is. You can start by taking a 90 minutes break cycle, or trying different alternatives such as work out, going for a walk, spending time with pets, gardening, or get done with the actual, long procrastinated task. This will help you wean off the dependency on technology and move towards a healthier daily routine. 

Get close to your goals every day

We understand that you have major goals to accomplish in your life and everybody does. There are people who are so focused and passionate about their goals and don’t allow themselves to let go of any distractions. They work every minute of a day and at the end of it, they find themselves a little closer to achieve them. Observe such people closely, they are highly motivated, positive, and riveted. And one thing that is common in them is that they keep their goals in sight all the time. Whether in a notecard or in their wallet, in a spiral notebook or in their phones, they never let it go out of sight and that helps them to stay away from unnecessary distractions and focused on their point. 

Celebrate small victories 

A passionate soul would map out each day, every project, his career, short and long-term goals, years, and life ahead of time and would choose the smartest not the hardest way to get things done. A person who is new to his career, experience, and capabilities would take some time to get better in his ways but with consistency and determination, he will find his path. What’s worth mentioning here is that sooner or later, you will achieve what you have been struggling for today but along the way, don’t forget to celebrate the small victories that would lead you closer to your goals. A right amount of appreciation and acknowledgment of the work and efforts also takes you a long way, so celebrate the process and get better in it with every new day, 

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